1. On Hiatus

    Due to stock take in my work place plus other projects I am doing, I am basically too busy to update this blog right now.

    I will be back in a few days or by next week. - Xiestman

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  5. Like my father’s come to pass,

    seven years has gone so fast.

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  13. fluttershythekind:


    Hooray! A return to some nice, fuzzy, warm drawings. ^_^ I stayed up far later than I wanted to tonight…but I’m really happy to have finished it ^_^ I thought a little Autumnal piece would be nice since Fall will be upon us soon ^^ 

    I, for one, am about to take Fluttershy’s lead and curl up for bed, but I wanted to wish you all a good night and some sweet dreams before I did ^_^ 

    Love you all!


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    Some asked for a Dashie one. will here she is. Hope you guys like it!!

    Commissions guide here!!!

    Yes, I’m Still asking for people to reblog this if you want to help!!!.

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    I-I’m afraid I don’t understand… what about Lily?

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